About the JCLC

The conception of the JCLC is the result of a growing need for a more extensive and comprehensive adult education outreach program in the greater Miami area. 
The JCLC’s goals are to enhance Torah in the community, strengthen Jewish Identity and Israel awareness, serve and welcome all Jews and afford programs and activities geared towards diverse needs and interests. The JCLC hopes to share the feeling of Jewish warmth, sense of purpose, Shalom, Chesed and love of Torah with every Jew.
The objective is to create a dynamic, multi-faceted institution which will be able to cater to the many different needs of the heterogeneous Jewish community and will offer Jewish experience opportunities for Jews from all walks of life and at all levels coupled with recreational and cultural programs. 
In 2010 Rabbi Yeshurun and his wife, Ruhama, moved to Bay Harbor Islands with their children.   They quickly became involved in the local Jewish community of Bay Harbor, Bal Harbor and Surfside.
Being a community activist and realizing a growing need for an adult education program which offers a comprehensive platform for Jewish learning, Rabbi Yeshurun conceived the idea of creating the Jewish Community Learning Center which will provide adult education opportunities for Jews from all walks of life and at all levels. 
The Jewish Community and Learning Center project is the brainchild of Rabbi Yehsurun and is infused with his vision which is to create a multi-faceted institution catering to the complex and diverse needs of the Jewish community.  Rabbi Yeshurun brings with him over a decade of passionate outreach and community work and draws on his unique experience functioning in a remote congregation.  He understands the sensitive dynamic of community life, relates well to the challenges Jewish teens and young adults face and is ready to teach, guide and inspire.
The JCLC is a curriculum based adult education program which offers its students an opportunity to learn about Judaism in an open and liberated environment where they are encouraged to question and have conversations. 
Our current student body of over 150  have been impacted greatly by this style of learning and their individual growth has played an important role in their lives having an impact on their family and friends, influencing their decisions, connecting them more deeply to their community, giving them a sense of purpose and changing the way they understand the world and themselves as Jews.
The texts themselves – ancient and modern – connect students to the past, present, and future in powerful ways. Text-based study is a link to enduring Jewish values and ideas, and the opportunity to engage with these timeless sources through a systematic, proven curriculum is empowering. 
The approach of “Shivim Panim LaTorah” and the open minded nature of JCLC courses provides our students the chance to hear, understand and learn to respect another point of view which makes a powerful impact on them, opening them up to the rich diversity and heterogeneity of Judaism. 
Studying a variety of different opinions and analyzing text in a multiplicity of approaches enriches and enlightens our students. Rabbi Yeshurun encourages students to ask and inquire, question and doubt. He also chooses controversial subject matter in order to motivate the students to have an intellectually honest debate and face the complexity of Halacha in these very complicated situations. This type of learning helps the students make connections between the texts and every day life. It presents the inevitable and inescapable challenge of reality. 
The open class discussions take on a lively dynamic and the atmosphere created by the back and forth deliberation creates a lively learning environment. Through this type of learning, students create a meaningful community with their peers.
Rabbi Yeshurun’s concept of the JCLC is a result of a deep conviction and enthusiasm for spreading Torah and helping every Jew discover and embrace the values and virtues of our wonderful heritage.
We are proud to have Rabbi Yeshurun lead us and trail blaze the way towards enhancing Torah, Jewish education and Israel awareness in our community. We hope to experience the same feeling of Jewish warmth, sense of purpose, shalom, chesed and love of Torah its spiritual leader has already introduced into this endeavor.

Our Founder & Spiritual Leader

Ariel Yeshurun is a graduate of the Hebron Yeshiva Rabbinic College in Jerusalem. He received his Rabbinic Ordination and completed his rabbinic training at the Amiel-Strauss Institute for diaspora leadership. In addition, he holds a Rabbinic Advocate license from the Israeli Ministry of Justice. Rabbi Yeshurun served in the IDF, has a Bachelors of Science degree, and finished the first two years of medical school. Ariel Yeshurun served as rabbi for 11 years at ‘Shaarei Tsedek’ Jewish Congregation in the Caribbean island of Curaçao. He is the founder of the JCLC (Jewish Community Learning Center), a Miami based adult Jewish education center. He is Vice president of the board of the Rabbinical Association of the greater Miami Jewish Federation and a member of the National Council of AIPAC. In addition he serves on the board of the Leo Martin March of the Living, and Friends of the IDF (FIDF) as well as on the advisory board of Kosher Miami (KM) and ‘Yehi Or’ (a JCS family abuse prevention and treatment program). Before leaving his congregation in Curacao Rabbi Yeshurun was named Rabbi Emeritus. He is currently the congregational rabbi of ‘Skylake Synagogue’ in North Miami Beach. 

Our Board of Directors 

Rosa Behar
Paula Hertzberg
Sandra Kaplan
Clara Kassin
Evelyn Katz
Sara Kavana
Lillian Tabacinic
Stephanie Trump

Our Young Leadership Board

Jassi Anteby
Marjan Katz
Nicole Kavana
Gabriella Tabacinic

Mission Statement

To create a Torah environment for community enrichment and personal enlightenment, empower our youth to embrace Jewish values, and foster a sense of pride in our Jewish heritage through listening, learning and teaching.

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